"A hand up, not a hand out"

About Us

Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited (UEN 201705140R) is A Singapore Non-Profit.

Formed by the founders of the Green Cultural Travel brand to ensure that great journeys do make a difference.

We have a unique approach to ourselves becoming self- reliant and sustainable with the aim to hold investments that provide long term recurring income.

We were established with the objective of supporting:

Key Initiatives

To become self-sufficient we have three key initiatives that will deliver long term
financial sustainability.
Through our subsidiary Green Cultural Travel Pte Ltd, we are creating what we believe will be the world’s “greenest” Online travel Agency. Ultimately we will co-own this investment with the Green Initiative DAO.

The facilitation of an impact driven Fund created as a hybrid Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”)  This Fund will invest in sustainable impact driven projects and businesses that make a difference.

A unique rating system

We are creating a unique Footprint Rating system that assesses the impact of a product both in terms of carbon footprint but also the impact on the local community and environment. While the initial application is for tours and holiday packages in time the system can be used for range of products and we will seek to license the right to display the rating.

“Permaculture really starts with an ethic, earth care. As care of the whole systems of earth and species. So we actually devise model systems, much of the design is drawn from nature. The end result we aim for is to produce a system that’s ecologically sound and economically profitable. It can get as sophisticated or as simple as you like.”

- Bill Mollison,

(1928 - 2016) Global Gardener and Co Founder of Permaculture

Co-Founders journey begins here

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